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Just got my Brand-New Apple Watch Series 2, a shining 42mm Aluminum body in Gold Color and Woven Leather Strap. Starting from the Packaging to the Gadget, everything is as exciting as it could get. The Box itself is well made and reflects the attention to detail and a luxury feel. The Box contains the Beautiful Apple Watch Series 2, a basic getting started documentation, Magnetic Contact Charger, 1.1 Amp 5 Volt Wall Adapter.

Getting Started

The Watch is fully powered means that you can start using it right away without out of the box prior to charging the batteries. The Build is robust with clean round edges and simple Watch Crown and a Button. As with all Apple Devices, the Watch too is intuitive to use and does not require any prior reading or shuffling through pages of manual. The Watch powers on with the Button on the side and the First Graphics on the screen impresses you with laser sharp lines, clear text that is easy to read and animation that simply wow’s you.


The Watch is pretty much Tethered to your iPhone so, after initial language & region selection and left/right hand orientation, it asks you to pair it with your iPhone. Apple has bundled the Watch App with its IOS and hence, you can simply launch the Watch App on your iPhone to start pairing the Watch. The pairing of watch is no less amazing. The Watch screen shows an animation resembling a travel through a Galaxy and you aim the iPhone Camera at the Watch Screen which pairs the Watch and the iPhone almost instantly. The integration of these devices so seamless that all you have on your Watch screen is displayed on the Watch App.

Getting it to Work

It takes almost no effort to get this watch to work for you. All your settings like Time zones, WiFi access points, Messages, Mailboxes, alarms, etc. are configured automatically. It also asks you if you would like to install all the Watch Compatible Apps on your iPhone to the watch. Simple Touch and there you go. You now have all your widgets, locations, settings and even apps on the Watch. Initially from the looks it may seem a bit bulky but after wearing it you realize that you don’t even feel it is on your wrist. It shows the time as well that too in style. It comes with few Watch faces from simple minimalistic to funny to complex Chronographs. Each Watch face is customizable to show you information at a glimpse including ability to launch the relevant app like Activity, Monitor, Alarms, Messaging, Phone, etc. The Series 2 watch also allows you to make Phone Calls using its built-in Speaker and Mic. Want to change the Watch face, its as easy as swiping left or right on the watch and you got yourself a brand-new looking watch.


Getting the Best out of Series 2

With a built-in GPS sensor, now you can leave your phone behind if you are going out for a run or walk and the watch will keep track of your activity without any further need to carry the phone always with you. With the increased Health Awareness and gadgets (Fitbit, Gear2, etc.) that are helping people to be more active, Apple Watch takes the lead with leaps and bounds. It had built in sensors for Heart Rate, pulse, motion, G-Sensors, GPS, etc. It helps you to set your activity level from Light to Moderate to Extensive. You select your level of activity and now Watch does the rest to make sure you move and achieve your Activity Targets by reminding you to get up, get moving, taking a walk and as much as even to Breathe. The Breath Assist is very intuitive with an animation and Vibration using the taptic engine. It logs and tracks all your activity and provides you detailed graphs and trends about it.aw3

The Series 2 Watch has been made Water proof (read Water resistant at 50m), now even your Swimming activity can be well tracked. If you are into water sports, then it makes sense to go for Series 2 as the earlier Series 1 watch was not Water proof. The Swipe down gesture helps you to see your recent notifications and swipe up gives access to some necessary controls like Water out, battery and stuff. The Watch battery lasts for 2-3 days based on your usage of various apps. The Watch conserves battery by keeping the display off at all times and the moment you turn the wrist up the screen instantly lights up with the Watch face or the app you have been using. With Siri well integrated into the Watch OS, you can get a lot of tasks done by just asking saying “Hey Siri” to your watch. Force Touch adds another level of Interactivity to the Watch where you can access App specific features by pressing firmly on the Watch face.

Bottom Line

Apple Watch is a Watch, Activity Tracker and a mini smart phone all put together in a wearable lightweight format that goes with you wherever you go. If you are carrying your phone with you then all your alerts, alarms, messages, notifications are available on your wrist for a quick look. Sitting in a meeting it helps to see them on your wrist rather than taking out your phone and going through the messages on it.

At US$ 399 for a 42mm Series 2 Aluminum with Nylon Strap (basic) to US$ 1,399 for Stainless Steel case and a Leather strap all models of Apple Series 2 watch offer your exactly the same functionalities except for a more sophisticated look. Some of the Accessories like a Hermes Double Buckle Leather Strap may cost you another US$ 689.

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